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LaDa calls for the Hong Kong government to in the near term improve island's transportation system first before setting longer term growth plans (April 13, 2016)


Speaking at the opening of the forum, TL Tsim, Chairman of the Project Citizens Foundation, said Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre depends on the free flow of money, information and people; the rule of law and an independent judiciary; he calls on financial practitioners and all concerned to cherish and maintain core values (April 15, 2016)


Speaking the forum, John Tsang, Financial Secretary of HKSAR Government said “Hong Kong’s success is built on the rule of law, extensive business network, sound financial infrastructure, robust regulatory regime, free flow of capital and information, a well-educated and resourceful workforce and an abundance of international talents. The success of businesses and investments counts on the systems in place, and the high level of liquidity in our financial markets (April 15, 2016)

AXA HK Happy Life Index

AXA HK said its Stability and Prosperity Index stands 62 /100, similar to 63 last year. The study found median amounts of money required for a stable life and a prosperous life are HKD6.49 million and HKD9.77 million respectively. Rising cost of living (85%), property prices (67%) and medical expenses (67%) remain the top three concerns for respondents. Among respondents who do not feel their life is very or relatively stable, 64% are most concerned with high living expenses.(April 20, 2016)

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