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Country Factsheet



Official name                                        Australia 


Capital                                                 Canberra

Currency                                               Australian dollar (100 cents)


Population                                            23 million 


Land area                                              7.69 million sq km 


Gross domestic product

(GDP) per capita                                   AUD61,137;  USD67,036  floating currency USD 1 = AUD0.912

                                                                 (December 2013) 



GDP growth                                          3.7 percent per annum ( Financial year  2012) 

                                                           2.6 percent per annum ( Financial year  2013) 

                                                           2.75 percent per annum ( Financial year 2014E) 



Principal business centres                   Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide




Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics










Macro Economy


  • National Australia Bank (NAB) View  (January 2017)

"We maintain our view the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is likely to cut rates later in 2017. Prospects for the RBA will be driven by the labour market outlook where the RBA already harbors 'considerable uncertainty about the momentum'. This notion was also emphasized by former Board member John Edwards in a recent opinion piece"  


Property Market 



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