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Official name                             People’s Republic of China

Capital                                       Beijing

Currency                                    Renminbi, USD 1 = RMB6.08 (December 2013)

Population                                 1,354 million (2012)

Land area                                   9.6 million sq km

GDP per capita                            RMB38,353; US$6,075 (2012 – nominal)

GDP growth                                7.8% per annum (2012)

Principal business centres           Beijing,  Shanghai








Permanent population                23.8 million (2012)

Land area                                    6,340.5 sq km (municipality)

                                                  3,248.7 sq km (urban area)

GDP                                             RMB2,018 billion (2012)

GDP per capita                            RMB84,444; US$13,434 (2012)

GDP growth                               7.5% per annum (2012)

Principal business centres           Huaihai Road (Main), Nanjing Road (West), and Lujiazui





Permanent population                 20.7 million (2012)

Land area                                    16,410.5 sq km (municipality)

                                                   1,368.3 sq km (urban area)

GDP                                             RMB1,780 billion (2012)

GDP per capita                              RMB87,091; US$13,797 (2012)

GDP growth                                  7.7% per annum (2012)

Principal business centres             CBD, Beijing Financial Street, Lufthansa, East Second Ring Road, East Chang’an Avenue, 







Macro Economy


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Property Market 



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