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Hong Kong Residents Hope for Better Life Quality, Finds Survey


October 17, 2016



While Hong Kong residents are generally happy with their neighborhood, about one third says  Hong Kong did not provide good quality of life, a survey sponsored by UK property company Grosvenor while conducted by the University of Hong Kong pointed out.

The survey, sponsored by UK property company Grosnevor while conducted by the University of Hong Kong, during the August 25 to September 15, polled 1000 Hong Kong residents. It surveyed neighbourhood spreading across approximately 500-600 different neighbourhoods. Around half of the participants polled in the survey rented the property, another half owns the property they live in.

Among the survey research covered, around 33% thinks Hong Kong did not provide a good quality of life.  Some 59% of respondents said Hong Kong provides a good quality of life, with 30.2% of respondents noting ‘good transportation systems’, 20.2% ‘safety & security’, and 19.9% ‘community facilities’ – the most emphasised factors.


The research also found 72% of Hong Kong people satisfied with the neighbourhood in which they lived.  ‘Transportation’ and ‘easy access to living necessities’ were the most significant factors for why residents liked their neighbourhoods, mentioned in 42.1% and 19.5% of responses respectively.



The most valued factors when choosing a neighbourhood to live were ‘safety & security’, ‘good air quality’, ‘transportation’, ‘peace & quiet’, and ‘easy access to living necessities’, followed by ‘green environment’ and ‘well-designed built environment’. The attributes people most wanted to improve were ‘transportation’, mentioned in 21.6% of responses, and ‘community facilities’, mentioned in 15.4% of responses.










By Staff Writer, APMR News

Article  Published on : October 17, 19:45 pm GMT+800

Article  Last Updated : October 18, 11:10 am GMT+800

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