August 30, 2016

Prices of non-landed private apartments in Singapore climbed up overall 0.2% in July month on month, following the 0.6% gain in June, reversing the 0.9% drop in May, latest index by the NUS Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI) showed ...                                                                                                                                                 

 August 14, 2016

Increasing concerns over the underlying economic, political and financial environment are hurting Asia Pacific property investment volumes, Real Estate market research firm RCA said. The latest research report by the research firm said that income-producing investments fell 48% year on year in the second quarter this year in the Asia Pacific region. Only smaller markets registered increases ...

 July 22, 2016

Overall prices of private residential properties in Singapore decreased 0.4% in the latest quarter ended June from the previous quarter, prices fall slowed while vacancy rate picked up ...                                                                                                                                                          

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The World Banks says, in face of challenges, lending demand from middle-income countries reached the highest level it has ever been outside a financial crisis at USD 23.5 billion in 2015. Demand for lending from the bank has risen to levels never seen outside a financial crisis, and is on track to climb to more than USD150 billion in between 2013 to 2016, the World Bank said. (Apr 11, 2016

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Singapore economy grew by 0.8% in the second quarter from the first quarter this year, it expanded 2.2% from the same quarter a

year ago. The GDP growth rate is slightly higher than first quarter's 2.1% year on year growth.  (July 13, 2016

Number of sale and purchase agreements (ASP) of all buildings in Hong Kong rose from February’s 2,583 to 3,154 in March, but down when compared with 6,211 transactions in March 2015. Number of ASP for residential units reached 2,369 in March, up from 1,807 in February while down from 4,329 of March 2015. (Apr 6,  2016)


The private residential property index in Singapore slid 1.0 point to 140.6 points in the first quarter 2016 from 141.6 points in last quarter 2015,according to government land redevelopment authority. Prices of non-landed private residential properties in Singapore rose by 0.4% in the first quarter in CoreCentralRegion(CCR) while prices of those in RestofCentralRegion (RCR) declined by 0.4%. (Apr 1, 2016)


Asian Development Bank(ADB) forecasts gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the region of 5.7% in 2016 and 2017. In 2015, GDP growth was 5.9% said ADB. The Asian version of the World Bank forecasts 6.5% GDP growth for China and 7.4% GDP growth for India for 2016.   (Mar 30, 2016) 


Japan's central bank said would maintain its monetary policy steady, leave negative interest rate policy unchanged for the time being. Real GDP growth in the G20 area slowed to 3.0% in the fourth quarter of 2015, compared with 3.1% in the previous quarter, according to OECD.  (Mar 15, 2016)    


New Zealand central bank announced to cut interest rate by 25 basis points to a record low of 2.25%, citing weaker growth in emerging markets, slower growth in Europe, and remaining low commodity prices.  (Mar 10, 2016) South Korea central bank decided today to leave the base rate unchanged at 1.50%, citing the trend of economic recovery in the euro area has weakened while economic growth in emerging markets continued to slow. (Mar 10, 2016)

China's housing price fluctuates in January among the 70 cities (population more than 1 million) tracked by the government statistics bureau. By year-on-year comparison, new home prices in 45 cities dropped with maximum drop level of 4.9%; 25 cities recorded price hike with maximum hike level of 52.7% when compared with same month of January of a year ago (Feb 26, 2016)                                                                                                                                      

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