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Asia Cross Border Property Investment Accelerated in 2014




April 2015











Asia Pacific intra-regional property transaction activity accelerated in 2014 to leave investment markets on track to beat 2013’s performance. By the end of the third quarter of 2014, Asia Pacific cross-border investment heads up to reach USD 9.1 billion, up from the the same period in the previous year. In the meantime, global capital moving into the region increased 35 percent in 2014 reaching USD 12.3 billion, according to research done by global property agency Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL).


Singapore, Hong Kong and China continued to be the top sources of intra-regional capital. Together these three sources of investment allocated USD 7.22 billion in cross-border property trades. Slowing domestic markets and restrictions on consumer lending, primarily in Singapore and Hong Kong, has been a major hindrance to developers who now look offshore for development and investment opportunities, JLL research points out. 


Australian investment into Asia Pacific increased by 1,300 percent in 2014 compared to the year before that while markets such as Malaysia and Taiwan also saw robust growth of 37 percent  and 56 percent respectively. 


China and Australia have been the top two destinations and beneficiaries of Asia Pacific cross-border investment in the region in 2014, attracting a total of USD 3.0 billion and USD 2.8 billion in the first three quarters.


Singapore has ranked the number one as the main source of intra-regional capital within Asia Pacific since 2012, it has invested USD 13 billion around the region ever since.






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Graphic credit: Jones Lang Lasalle



Graphic credit: Jones Lang Lasalle



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