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Welcome to Asia Property Market Review, also known as APMR. We are a quarterly magazine covers Real Estate market updates across countries in the Asia Pacific region. We publish printed copy of the magazine , while the online news run on daily. 


Please note news and feature articles on the printed version of the magazine may be independent from the online version. 

Dear Reader, you are welcome to share new articles with friends on Google Plus, Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter and whatever social media link you like. Please note that all articles from the website are strictly copyright protected, please write to for reprint permits. If you want to cite information from articles on either the online or printed version, please attribute accordingly. Please also note the design of the website is also copyright protected. 

For password protected online articles, please register via fill-in the box below, the subscription is free, password will be sent to registered email address. For other subcription information, please refer to subscription page, thank you


If you are the marketing department of the corporate and wants to advertise on the magazine or website, please do not hesitate to contact the sales marketing department at 


Below we listed commercial advertisement packages for online subscription packages(for 6 seconds)

Category A: Subpage

Category B: Mainpage middle

Category C: Add-on (the add-on function is specially set for the newspages, it ensures your advertisement will reach the firm you targeted)

we accept Paypal payments. If you have any inquiries regarding, please email with detailed questions.

Sales department currently offering special package online 

Weekly Rate ( USD 29 / slot)
Monthly Rate ( USD 99 / slot )
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