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Starbucks Opens First Reserve Store in Shanghai

December 6, 2017


Starbucks opens its first Reserve Roastery in Asia in Shanghai today.


The Roastery is the epitome of coffee and retail innovation for Starbucks in China. Starbucks already has over 600 stores in Shanghai – the largest number of stores in any city where Starbucks has a presence. Starbucks has more than 3,000 stores across 136 cities in China.

"As customers enter the Roastery and step through the front doors of the 2,700 square-meter (30,000 square-foot) building, they’ll be greeted by the stunning sight of a two-story, copper cask, adorned with more than 1,000 traditional Chinese chops, or stamps, hand-engraved to narrate the story of Starbucks and coffee." the coffee company said at the opening. As part of their experience, customers can visit 3-D printed tea bar, in the shop. 


Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai, is Starbucks' first Reserve Roastery outside the United States, and Starbucks' second Reserve Roastery in the world. 


 -  APMR News

Article published on : 2017  December 6,  9:45 am GMT+800

Article last updated : 2017  December 6,  10:55 am GMT +800

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