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China Developers Reporting On Good 2018 on Jumping-up Debt Ratio

Hong Kong -- China developers reporting on good 2018 among jumping-up debt ratio as some of them debt ratio exceeds 100% level. Over the past two weeks, China developers are busy with annual result reporting.

March 28th, Hong Kong-listed China's second biggest home builder Evergrande, reported core profit jump 93.3% to 78.32 billion yuan (USD11.88 billion) for the year. Net gearing ratio, a measure of equity to debt, hit 151.9% at the end of 2018, up 24 percentage points from six months earlier

Country Garden Holdings, China’s biggest home builder, reported core profit for 2018 rose 38% to a record. Country Garden said in a statement on Monday its core profit, which is net profit excluding non-recurring income and revaluation gains, grew to 34.13 billion yuan last year. (Debt ratio)

State-owned China Overseas Land, reported on March 20th net profit during 2018 rose 10.1% to HKD44.9 billion, core profit rose 8.3% from a year ago, boosted by higher margins, core profit of the country’s seventh-biggest property developer by sales, which excludes revaluation gains and non-recurring items, came in at HKD37.1 billion

Swire Properties, which builds office towers, shopping centres and luxury homes. Underlying profit at the property unit, excluding revaluation gains on investment properties, rose 30% last year to HKD10.15 billion. Turnover fell 21% to HKD14.72 billion. Swire Properties will pay a final dividend of HKD0.57 per share, compared with HKD0.52 in 2017.

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