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China Developer Enters Vietnam Market for Smart Living

China Developer Enters Vietnam Market for Smart Living - Ho Chi Minh City. The wholly owned subsidiary of China property property management company colour Life Services Group, Novel Era Holdings Limited, entered into an comprehensive agreement with Phu My Hung Development Corporation, a company under Phu My Hung Holdings Corporation in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam to form a smart community services joint venture in the country, on 19 November.

The joint venture will build an online platform and operate properties at a property project of Phu My Hung Development Corporation in Ho Chi Minh city.

This cooperation also marked the independent operation of Caizhiyun under Colour Life Services Group in Vietnam. Caizhiyun and Phu My Hung will work together to promote the development of the cloud-computing-enabled smart communities. They will popularize Colour Life’s smart community-based services in Ho Chi Minh and even elsewhere in Vietnam. Colour Life will authorize the joint venture to use its online platform technology, provide the latter with guidance on Cloud platform technology, and assist it in using cloud platform to develop a smart community.


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