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March Property Market Review

[March - 15- 2018] Swire Pacific reported underlying profit HKD4.74 billion (USD 604.5 million) in the year ended December 2017, excluding revaluation gains on investment properties. Swire’s property division contributed a profit of HKD 6.4 billion in the financial year ended December 2017 , up 11 % from 2016

[March - 20 - 2018] Real estate developer K Wah International Holdings (00173) reported today net profit grew by 23% for the financial year of 2017, to HKD3.9 billion. K Wah said it holds 162 million shares, in sister company Galaxy Entertainment Group, that brought HKD4.69 billion in reserve for K Wah

[March -1 - 2018] HK finance chief Paul Chan says Hong Kong will significantly increase the public housing unit supply in the coming years, he estimates that 100,000 public housing units would be built in the next five years. Of these, about 75,000 are public rental housing units and about 25,000 are subsidized sale flats

[March - 26 - 2018] China Overseas Land said net profit for the year ended Dec 2017 rose to HKD40.77 billion from HKD 37.02 billion year ago


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