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September Property Market Review

[2017 - September - 22] Hong Kong developer Hang Lung Group said it had applied to China for proposed issue of Renminbi debt financing instruments in an aggregate amount not exceeding RMB10 billion in a single tranche or in multiple tranches at appropriate time(s) in the future

[2017 - September - 21] Kaisa Group, which made defaults on overseas bond two year ago and was suspended of trading, issued second round of senior notes today

[2017 -  September -  6] Hong Kong's new affordable homes plans will increase the supply for homes with price in between HKD2-2.5million. Hong Kong's new chief executive Carrie Lam said the new policy address to be released in October will include affordable homes plans - which will list plans to increase the supply of affordable public homes for the price in between HKD2million - HKD2.5million for young people in the city to buy without mentioning other details  

[2017 - September - 30] Prices of completed non-landed private homes in August rose for the first time in Singapore in four years year on year, NUS Index data showed

[2017 - September -  5] Real estate services firm Colliers International said it commenced company-owned operations in Japan. The company said the move will help strengthen its operations in Asia and provides a strong platform for future growth in Japan. Colliers International Japan will be based in Tokyo

[2017 - September - 11] Hong Kong opens OBOR(Belt Road) Summit today [2017 - September -24 ] Landing International said it invested another USD300million in the Jeju Shinhwa Resort[2017 -  September -  7] Property developer Jiayuan International acquired a prime site in Macau for HKD3.5 Billion 


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