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Australia to Have the World's Biggest Lithium-ion Power Station

Tesla was selected to provide Powerpack system with global renewable energy provider Hornsdale in South Australia. Tesla was awarded the entire energy storage system component of the project.

Tesla Powerpack will charge using renewable energy to help maintain the reliable operation of South Australia's electrical infrastructure. The system will be the largest lithium-ion battery storage project in the world and will provide enough power for more than 30,000 homes, approximately equal to the amount of homes that lost power during the blackout period.

Tesla said it expects the project "will provide a model for future deployments around the world that will help significantly accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy".

Last September, a 50-year storm damaged critical infrastructure in the state of South Australia, causing a state-wide blackout and leaving 1.7 million residents without electricity.

- APMR News


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