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Net annual migration passes 70,000 in New Zealand

A record of 71,300 more migrants arrived in New Zealand than left in the calendar year ended January 2017, latest data from the New Zealand statistics department showed. It surpassed the previous annual record which was set in December 2016.

Annual migrant arrivals numbered 128,300 in the January 2017 year, a new annual record. Migrant departures were 57,000 during the year ended January. The net gain reflected an increasing number of people arriving and fewer leaving to live overseas, the statistics department said.

"About a fifth of all migrant arrivals were from Australia," population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said. "Almost two-thirds of the migrant arrivals from Australia were New Zealand citizens."

In respect, visa types contributing most to the migrant arrivals during the year ended January 2017 were: work visas of 42,400, New Zealand and Australian citizens visa 37,900, student visas 24,300, and 16,700 residence visas

- APMR News

  • work visas (42,400 – up by 4,200)

  • New Zealand and Australian citizens (37,900 – up by 1,700)

  • student visas (24,300 – down by 3,600)

  • residence visas (16,700 – up by 2,600)

- Data from New Zealand Statistics Department


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