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February Macro Economy Review

[February - 8 - 2018] Japan logged a current account surplus of 797.2 billion yen (USD7.0 billion) in December, staying in the black for the 42nd consecutive month, government data showed Thursday. Goods trade registered a surplus of 538.9 billion yen, declining from a year earlier due to an increase in imports, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report.The surplus in the primary income account, which reflects how much Japan earns from foreign investment, came to 614.8 billion yen. For all of 2017, Japan posted a current account surplus of 21.87 trillion yen, the largest since 2007.

[January - 30 - 2018] Japan's labor availability rising to a 44-year high according to the data released by the labor ministry. The country's unemployment rate also improved in 2017, falling below 3% for the first time in 23 years


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