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Most Affordable Housing Market Ranking 2017

Another year, another year of unaffordable house market ranking, in the year of 2017, the United States housing markets were ranked the most affordable major market in the world by Demographia, with a moderately unaffordable median multiple of 3.8, followed by Japan (4.2), Canada and the United Kingdom (4.3), Singapore and Ireland both have Median Multiples of 4.8.

There are 26 severely unaffordable major housing markets in 2017. Hong Kong is the least affordable, with a Median Multiple of 19.4 up from 18.1 last year.

Sydney is again second, at 12.9. Vancouver is third least affordable, at 12.6, followed by San Jose, with a Median Multiple of 10.3 and Melbourne, with a Median Multiple of 9.9.

The least affordable 10 also includes Los Angeles (9.4), Honolulu (9.2), San Francisco (9.1), Auckland (8.8) and London (8.5).

- APMR News


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