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January 3, 2018



Beijing government will increase land supply in the coming month.  The city will sell 23 land lots for residential use to property developers from Jan. 4 to Feb. 6,  state-owned Xinhua reported citing local financial media.



The total construction area of the land will exceed 3 million square meters, larger than the same period in any previous year.


With non-residential land included, a total of 26 lots will be sold during the period, with a combined value estimated at over 70 billion yuan (USD10.8 billion ), it said citing data from property agency.



Last year, Beijing saw 91 residential lots enter the market, with a construction area totaling 12.3 million square meters, 9.8 million square meters more than the previous year, according to the report.


 -  Staff Writer APMR News

Article published on : 2018 January 3,  6:45 pm GMT+800

Article last updated : 2018 January 3, 10:55 pm GMT +800

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