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China Raises Mortgage Rate

February 4, 2018


China started raising mortgage interest rate on residential property purchases in a group of cities in the country. 



The state-owned banks started raising the interest rate on first home mortgages by 10%, while the second home mortgage will go up 15% to 20%, in several cities. 



At present, the lowest mortgage rate in the country are available on the markets in the cities of Xiamen(4.96%), Shanghai(5.04%), Kunming(5.12%), Urumqi(5.21%), Dalian(5.23%), Taiyuan(5.27%), Harbin(5.30%), Beijing(5.33%), Guangzhou (5.34%), Xi'an(5.35%). 


 -  Staff Writer APMR News

Article published on : 2018 February 10,  8:45 pm GMT+800

Article last updated : 2018 February 10, 10:55 pm GMT +800

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